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Levine Science Research Center—Almost all Facebook users are safe from personal information leaks from the site because no one cares enough to use said information in any way, a report published today said.

The computer science researchers were working under a grant from the National Science Foundation to investigate privacy issues with Facebook. They found that although users’ pictures and status updates, including updates containing exact locations of the users, were accessible by anyone with Internet access, none of the users they randomly sampled were important or attractive enough for anyone to actually put the effort into finding the information, the study says. (more…)


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The Link—Many students were frightened when Facebook started to become more aggressive today in its left hand “Suggestions” box, the Office of Information Technology announced today. The box, which had previously contained possible persons users should “friend,” now offers commands like, “Help Margaret find more friends.” “Reconnect with Matt. Write on his wall.” “Check out these pictures of Jane. She’s such a slut.” and “Rick is a douche. Kill him.”

Most users were confused by the commands, but complied with them anyway in fear of negative sanctions. Facebook’s official press release regarding the changes says that they are for users’ own good. (more…)

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