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ALLEN BUILDING — Concerned with the upsurge in controversies that have spread across campus in recent weeks, administrators met Thursday night to discuss the feasibility of an organized structure for propagating controversial events.

“The sex list, the slut emails, the canceling of Tailgate, and child pornography all in the same month? That’s unbelievable,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Barry Loneta. “The system is broken. Duke is on an unsustainable course. If we expend all of these controversies at the same time, how will Duke get in the national limelight in the future?” (more…)


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Seniors Trapped In Fenced Pen

Main Quad—Over three dozen seniors were falsely imprisoned in a small pen in the middle of Main West Quadrangle today, Duke University Police Department Chief Jack  Baronog confirmed. According to eye-witnesses, individual seniors were lured into the small, enclosed area by the promise of three free cups of beer, but were later prevented from exiting the pen when they voiced a desire to do so. “We were told we could leave if we wanted to,” senior Madison Glynn said, “But there was no way any of us would leave so much free booze behind. We’re only human and [our alleged kidnappers] exploited that.” Some seniors managed to escape by chugging their beers quickly, but most were held against their will for at least two hours, the police report stated.

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