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GRIFFITH BOARD ROOM, OSAF – At their meeting Sunday night, Last Day of Classes committee co-chairs Elle Tea and Ben Williams announced that they would never be releasing the names of the artists set to perform at the LDOC Celebration in order to “maintain their indie cred.”

“If people knew who we were bringing, they wouldn’t be cool anymore,” co-chair Ben Williams told the Weedicle.  “We got a lot of nominations for Miley Cyrus, the cast of Glee, and a rendition of Cee-Lo-Green’s “Fuck You” by the online commentator known as Duke Fact Checker, who seemed to think this was a private concert for the Board of Trustees, but all of these artists have been way overhyped.” (more…)


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Bumfuck, OH — The Weedicle today won the nation’s most coveted journalism prize, the Joe The Plumber Award For Investigative Journalism, following its scintillating coverage of the Young Trustee elections.

“The Weedicle really got to the heart of the issues Dukies care about,” said Joe the Plumber at the awards presentation ceremony.  “Every speech, every town hall debate, every facebook friendzy, they were there scooping up the news and delivering with sparkling clarity and incisive insightfulness.”


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Old Chem–Newly formed boy band The Young Trustees performed in front of a small audience last night on campus. The band, self-described as “indie-pop-meets-emo-grunge,” sang old hits like “Fix My Budget One More Time,” as well as some new tunes, like “Ain’t Gonna Fix Central.” In addition, The Young Trustees performed some of their signature dance moves, including The Leg Cross and The Folded Hands.

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Allegations surfaced this week that the editors of The Chronic’s weekly entertainment section, Recess, have been making up names of bands to ensure that their favorites were eclectic enough to confuse the readership.

Recess had built a strong reputation as savvy critics of the music industry largely on the premise that their knowledge was so cutting-edge as to baffle the lay reader. Michael Rickard, music editor of the Triangle’s hipster-est paper, The Independent, became aware of Recess’s fraudulent practices when he tried to find an album by the made-up band The Monday Morning Silverbacks. (more…)

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Perkins—A series of photographs of women bathing nude, entitled “The Bathers,” exhibited in the first floor Perkins hallway near Special Collections is routinely complimented and admired by undergraduates, Perkins Special Collections Assistant Mary Vinle said today. “The interplay of light and shadow is especially interesting,” freshmen Lindsey Margetina said while gazing thoughtfully at one of the prints, “It brings out the fullness and vibrancy of the subjects.” Sophomore Michael Nee said he was entranced by the subjects’ lack of clothing because it “hints at the vulnerability of women to the abuses of our system of economic patriarchy.”

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Mike Posner likes Coronas, Tropical Twist Trident gum, and Earl Grey. And for some reason needed a silver or blue Sharpie to perform at Friday’s Perriwinkle concert. Big Sean needed hot tea, lemon wedges and honey. And 2 A.M. Club wanted a case of Stella, hummus and Throat Coat brand tea… and raw cashews and almonds. Yum.

The hospitality riders for the concert can be downloaded here. There. Don’t say we never gave you anything.

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