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301 FLOWERS — Disenchanted with the lack of apparent progress on issues of racial and socioeconomic self-segregation at Duke, junior Shimmering Lai has decided to take matters into her own hands.

Writing a 753-word column entitled “Harry Potter Sucks” in The Chronicle Monday, Lai, an English major, criticized the “scrawny wizard-boy and his accompanying cast of tedious characters” in an attempt to better campus culture. (more…)


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When I first got to England to begin my study abroad at Oxford, I was so nervous about having trouble adjusting. Would people discriminate against me because of my obvious American citizenship? How would I adjust to their lifestyle? Would I be able to overcome the language barrier that separates British English from American English?

My experiences, however, have evaporated my concerns. I am treated like a princess by everyone here. I am doing better academically. I get wasted every hour on the hour. In fact, my life here is so amazing that I cry whenever I think about how shitty your life is. (more…)

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Pittsburgh—In an editorial, The Chronic’s independent editorial board wrote today that the polio vaccine, developed by Jonas Salk in 1955, was “a good start, but leaves much to be desired.” The board recognized the efforts of Salk as “laudable,” pointing to his years of tireless research and ability to produce a tangible result. The Board, however, viewed the finalized vaccine as lacking in many categories.

“Although we agree that the polio vaccine is a step in the right direction,” Editorial Board Chair Richard Bloke said, “We believe [Salk] has failed to create the infrastructural changes necessary to ensure long-term success.” (more…)

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After spending hundreds of words detailing the problems with the Young Trustee process, The Chronic’s independent editorial board would like to spell out exactly how Duke Student Government Special Secretary Alice Changer can legitimize the Young Trustee selection process. Our proposal is the simple addition of three amendments:

1. All members of the Nominating Committee must be members of The Chronic’s independent editorial board. (more…)

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In light of the emergence of Web sites such as GradeGuru.com—user-generated databases of notes and study materials—The Chronic’s independent editorial board would like to take this opportunity to jump on our high horse once again and lecture our fellow students.

This new model of note-sharing intensifies an already troubling prospect: cooperation in the classroom will inevitably negatively impact the toolbags, and even gunners, who make an extensive effort to deprive other students of equitable educational access. In departments across the University, toolbags will be unable to display their own brilliance if their peers know just as much as they do. (more…)

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