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101 Flowers—Office of Student Affairs Vice President Jason DeRulo said today that he “only meant well” when he decided to merge the International House and Multicultural Center into one organization, tentatively called the Global Culture Center. “It’s all for the best,” Derulo said.

But he expressed regret that many students and administrators are protesting the move because of a lack of communication and the possibility that the merger may negatively effect diversity at Duke, saying, “I just gotta let you know, I know what I did wasn’t clever, but [the International House] and [the Multicultural Center] are meant to be together. So let me [go forward with the merger], give me another chance.”  (more…)


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Griffith Auditorium—Duke University Police Department has reported that there were at least three hate crimes committed against the Huns, a Asiatic minority, after the Duke University Union’s Mulan Sing-Along event Friday night.

According to the police incident reports, early Saturday morning, two unidentified male students shot fireworks into a Central Campus Apartment, shouting, “The Huns are alive. They’re in the city!” Later that day, witnesses reported seeing a number of students throwing their shoes at other students who were allegedly of the Hun minority. (more…)

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Erwin Bay—Researchers in the Duke psychology lab published the results of a study that shows a negative correlation between sleep and criminal activity, head researcher Cage the Elephant said Friday. According to Elephant, because “money don’t grow on trees” and “there ain’t nothing in this world for free,” those who engage in criminal activities, such as prostitution, robbery and fraud, get very little sleep. “There ain’t no rest for the wicked,” Elephant said.

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Fire Burns Shooters Dance Floor

Shooters II—Thursday night, an unidentified female student set fire to the dance floor at Shooters II, Durham Fire Marshall Sean Kingston confirmed. Minutes after the incident, somebody called 911 and the female student was cooled down after threatening to “bring the roof to the ground.” No students were injured, but the incident did call attention to issues with fire safety at the popular dance club. “No exit from the dance floor,” Kingston said, “So them boys want more.”

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So, So What? I’m Still a Tool Bag

I guess I just lost my chance
I don’t know where the recruiter went
So I’m gonna update my resume
I’m not gonna get his card

I got a brand new fancy tie
And I’m gonna wear it tonight
I’m gonna get a job
I wanna make some money

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
I wanna make some money
Na, na, na, na, na, na, na
I wanna make some money (more…)

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Race Relations Center—The Race Relations Center will now move their annual fall break retreat, Common Ground, to a hotel, motel or Holiday Inn, Common Ground Facilitator Pitbull said.

The decision to change the retreat’s location was made after Sanford School of Public Policy researchers published a report saying that those who engaged in interracial sexual relations were less likely to harbor feelings of prejudice towards other races. The study reports that this correlation exists regardless of sexual orientation.

Students attending the retreat will be paired with other students, either of the same gender or opposite gender, of a different racial background. They will then after-party in the hotel lobby, where they will “freak some more,” Pitbull said.

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