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Few Quadrangle—The Women’s Center, along with the Baldwin Scholars Program, has begun its new campaign for “effortless imperfection,” Women’s Center Director Adrian Gunkin said. According to Gunkin, the messages offering support for mediocrity are being promulgated through posters and bus advertisements. “I was riding the bus to class and I saw one of those posters,” freshmen Tyra Mappel said, “So I just got off the bus and skipped class that day.” Gunkins says that this is precisely the response the Women’s Center seeks to provoke. “So many women at Duke want to be the smartest in their class or the prettiest in their sorority,” Gunkin said,”But why? It’s so much easier to have neither ambition nor discipline and just do nothing with your life. That’s what women at Duke need to strive for: an unsuccesful life without meaning.”


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