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We all know Duke Football has been getting a lot of attention recently.  That is, everyone who writes/reads this blog knows.  That is, both of us, you and me, know.  Anyway, not all of it has been positive.  In fact, it’s worth a quick review of the varying types:

1. Overly optimistic hopes/predictions (ACC Champs!  Bowl-bound in 08!) only added to/fueled by our own coaching staff/athletic administration.
2. Angry letters to the editor chiding the student body (“stop going to tailgate and come support our football team!”).
3. Quiet support/excitement (wow, our football team won another game!  Good for them!).
4. Dour responses people mainly keep to themselves so they don’t appear unpatriotic, along the lines of “win a few games and then I’ll support you.”
5. Incessant articles in the Chronic along the lines of “well, basketball season hasn’t started yet, so I guess I’ve got to write about football for the 8th time this week.  Too bad those are the only two sports in existence.”

Now things just jumped up a notch, as Thad Lewis (a Duke football player, for those who are unaware), e-mailed the student body to ask for our support at this Saturday’s game.

In a way-too-long, but actually serious post (you, know, somewhat…), let’s think a bit about what all this means and see if we can’t figure out the real reason that our administrators seem more excited about Duke Football than we do. (more…)


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