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Allen Building—Today, the most toolish of students began their hunt for the easiest classes for the Spring 2009 Term, scouring as many as three sites to find them, Office of Information Technology staff researcher Nichole Shilben said. “I have to look through RateMyProfessor, CourseRank, course evaluations and the DSG course syllabus database just to find a late afternoon class with an attractive professor that will guarantee me an ‘A’ without me showing up to class every day,” sophomore Brian Periot said. “That’s ridiculous. This is Duke University. We can streamline the shit out of this process.” Shilben and others are working with Duke Student Government to launch yet another site that will have some information that may or may not be helpful to students searching for easy ‘A’s.

The Weedicle invites students to comment on this story with the easiest Duke courses they have ever taken.


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