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12 a.m. Tuesday, March 30

Will Passo: 370 fans

Mike LeFevre: 358 fans

Gregory Morrison: 337 fans (more…)


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Hey. How’s it going?

Yeah, I know I don’t usually talk to you. In fact, I’ve made it a point to ignore you and pretend that I don’t know you. We used to be friends freshman year, remember? Then I joined a fraternity and, until now, I’ve been too cool to talk to you.

But, good news, friend! Today, I can finally start campaigning, so I will be acting like a decent, upstanding guy for at least two weeks. I’ll start pretending like I actually care about your silly inanities and how your spring break went. I’ll be less of a shit show this weekend and I’ll start bringing up my close connections to various University administrators into casual conversation. (more…)

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