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12 a.m. Tuesday, March 30

Will Passo: 370 fans

Mike LeFevre: 358 fans

Gregory Morrison: 337 fans (more…)


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Bryan Center—All the candidates for Duke Student Government President are actually the same white dude wearing different wigs, DSG Elections Chief Maggie Branche said today, confirming rumors that have been circulating among the student body for days. The election, however, will continue, Branche said. Next Tuesday, students will be able to vote directly on the hairstyle they prefer to see this random white guy wear, Branche says.

Voters’ suspicions were raised last week when various minority groups noticed candidates’ backgrounds, resumes and platforms appeared to be almost identical. All three candidates’ resumes listed extensive experience on DSG in a vice president position and all their platforms promised more services, even in the midst of a recession.


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